Ways To Volunteer

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The Development and Communications committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors and work closely with the Executive Director. The committee is responsible for maintaining and increasing funding for high net-worth individual through effective identification, cultivation and solicitation. The focus of this committee will be to identify and deepen relationships with individuals, foundations and corporations, thus strengthen existing and create new funding streams in support of the Hub585. Furthermore, the purpose of the Development and Communications committee is to provide focus on the visibility and communication strategies of the Hub585. The committee assists staff in developing marketing and public relation strategies and initiatives incorporating the use of various media sources.

The Program Evaluation Committee are responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the evaluation plan and program outcomes. The goal of the PEC is to oversee program development and mission alignment.

Life Launch mentors commit to mentoring youth in foster care ages 13-18 years old. This role requires a 1-year commitment and the ability to make weekly contact with mentee and at least 2 face to face meetings each month. All mentors are placed in a group and work together as a team to provide guidance and support to their mentee.

Volunteer mentors to committed to helping grow our youths’ writing skills, social emotional wellness, self-efficacy capacities, and most importantly, increase their hope. We will need volunteer mentors who are available 2 hours a week face-to-face on Monday evenings from 4pm-6pm and occasional virtual check-ins. Volunteer mentors will be trained on the principles of hope and should be able to identify hindrances to their Mentees’ overall prosperity, promote regular goal-setting, and deliver pertinent, hands-on support. You should also prevent Mentees’ engagement in maladaptive operations. To ensure success as a volunteer mentor, you should exhibit patience and insight into adjustment-related conditions. Ultimately, a superb volunteer mentor will be sincerely interested in their Mentees’ achievements.

Volunteer recruiters help implement the process of attracting and recruiting volunteers to The Hub585.

The CarePortal Church Recruiter will collaborate to strengthen our efforts, community presence, and church recruitment and engagement. The Recruiter will spend time engaging churches in Monroe County and helping them understand the value of joining the CarePortal network and the impact we can have on vulnerable children and families through collaboration.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of a nonprofit. Individuals who sit on the board are responsible for overseeing the organization’s activities. Board members meet periodically to discuss and vote on the affairs of the organization.

A short-term volunteer who opens doors for our organization in the community, introducing new people to our organization through our point of entry event; Vision Tours.

Community/Life Groups interested in community service projects can contact the office for current opportunities.