We are a relationship-centered community where marginalized youth and their families hope, heal, and thrive.


A restored community where youth and their families have moved from systemic trauma to a place of power and belonging.


  • Collaboration

  • Authentic Relationship

  • Dignity

  • Inspiring Vision

  • Hope

  • Innovation

  • Trust

Our Strategic Priorities

To provide access and support to youth and families

To intensely support transitioning youth to adulthood

To help connect youth and families with meaningful relationships

To create a healing-centered approach to service delivery

To increase exposure to the needs of youth and families and create a centralized hub for them to receive holistic support

Our first major initiative will begin with the CarePortal.

Promoting a healthy future for our children through high school and beyond.

What is Life Support?

Life Support has been a reactive technique, until now! Our Life Support program is designed to be proactive with failure prevention initiates; the techniques performed in an emergency to support life after failure in one or more vital areas.

Our focus is to educate, enrich and empower youth (grades 8th-12th):


Annual Events designed to educate and support your youth (empowered by


Grades 8th – 10th Life Support Junior Prep (tailored to fit the grade level)


Grades 11th & 12th Life Support

A large percentage of the inner-city youth have given up on the goal of graduation. The goal is no longer worth the fight & perseverance. One of our initial objectives is to change the goal. The goal is no longer high school graduation, we create motivation behind the post high school goal. As a byproduct, high school graduation becomes a milestone in a much larger targeted goal.

Through these programs youth will have access to services such as:

  • Mentorship

    Volunteers, Character Development, life skills training, moral support

  • Tutoring

    Education learning assistance (3rd Party alliance)

  • Financial Literacy

    Empowered by Endow Foundation (Budgeting, Credit, Debt)

  • Career/Education Planning

    Every child leaves with a plan (Jobs, Trade School, Military, College… What, When, Where, Why & How)

  • Life Skills Training

    Executed by the Mentor (Integrity, Self -Respect, Community, Bullying, Substance Abuse, Nutrition, Health, Parenting)

  • College Prep

    SAT, ACT, Scholarships, Financial Aid

  • Career Coaches

    Team of highly experienced youth advocates, counselors, teachers and behavior specialist employed to assist 11th and 12th graders in the development of career education plans. Responsible for monthly career training and consistent engagement

    • Customer Service, Money Management, Entrepreneurship, Business
      Professionalism, Etiquette, Public Speaking, Interviewing, Time Management,
      Conflict Resolution
  • Student Incentives
    • Assisting students with receiving bank accounts with starting funds. Training how to manage a new account
    • $200 value incentive towards their career/education goal (example…laptop for student heading to college)

3 step process for career education planning:


Life Support partners each student with an expert academic adviser to identify interests, hobbies, dreams, goals and life skills

Goal Creation
Career / Education

We are student-focused & data driven. We generate practical plans to achieve milestones & goals that stretch beyond high school

Graduation & Transition
Life Skills, Tutor, Mentorship

A coach is assigned and committed to ensure all the necessary resources are applied to produce a graduate with post H.S. goals and plans that leads to a culture of success

Connecting churches to local children and families in crisis.

What is CarePortal?

CarePortal is a platform that allows a network of churches, community members, and local child welfare stakeholders to collaborate for the benefit of children and families in their community. Through relationships accelerated by technology, CarePortal empowers local churches and agencies to partner and establish a culture of Church Centered Child Welfare. The CarePortal network of local churches and caring people is already mobilized on behalf of vulnerable children in communities both in the United States and internationally. When child serving agencies identify needs of local children and families, they go online to submit a request for help. This request goes to local churches that have the opportunity to meet the needs of these vulnerable children and families, accessing additional community support when necessary.

Churches can help in the entire spectrum of child welfare services. Churches help keep families together, support foster and adoptive children and families and ease the transition of youth from foster care to independence. Churches help through:

Be the hands and feet in your community